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...is solar energy. One big solar panel. A pasture. Sunlight is the fuel which feeds the grass which is the engine of our system. At the core of the operation are wonderful creatures of the bovine species. Cows. They are central to our endeavors, and they are prime grazers of grass. Right behind them come the sheep. the sheep are very adaptable and graze whatever the cows don't like. Behind them come the chickens and pigs, which eat some grass, but more importantly, like to eat the partially processed grass that the cows and sheep leave behind. Following that come the wonderful humans of Sea Breeze Farm, shepherding, guiding, tending, feeding. It's a beautiful system, and is remarkably effective at converting sunlight into eggs, meat and milk.


FARM DINNER EVENTS: Only available a few times per year, these unique, immersive events provide an intimate, connected dining experience to the ultimate source of your food and food producers. If you haven't heard about it, you soon will. These events begin at 4:30PM at our North End farm property and end at La Boucherie by approximately 9:30pm. Events are limited to 16 guests. Payment in full is required to hold your seats. Pricing is per person, and is inclusive of farm tour, wine & cheese tasting, 10 Course meal with beverage pairings, tax and gratuity. Please click on the "Farm Dinner Event" image lower on this page for more info and to purchase your tickets through our online marketplace.

To join us for the FARM DINNER events, you must purchase your seat below. Be sure to select the appropriate date: Farm Dinner Event on Square Market

Melba and Estrella

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 CONTACT US | 206.567.4628
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