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Sea Breeze Farm Internship Opportunity: Full-time Butchery Intern

We are currently accepting applications for a Butchery Intern to work with our team at Sea Breeze Farm & La Boucherie on Vashon Island. Enthusiastic candidates that desire a unique learning opportunity to join our dynamic, passionate & hardworking team should forward a cover letter and current resume to work@seabreezefarm.net. No phone calls will be accepted.


Clean and maintain butcher shop facilities and equipment;

Organize and display merchandise;

Receive and unload animal deliveries;

Wrap meat and pack for weekend farmers markets;

Assist Head Butcher with daily tasks and prep work;

Unpack, clean and stow Farmers Market equipment and supplies;

Set-up and break-down weekend Farmers Market stands.


Enthusiasm, engagement, strong work ethic, attention to detail, and ability to apply oneself and work effectively and prideful at every task, whether it be with meat or with a mop. Culinary interest in meat also required. Previous animal farm and/or butcher shop experience strongly preferred.


This is a rare opportunity to work side-by-side with an accomplished, artisan butcher. You will be in a unique position to learn about and experience whole-animal, artisan-style, butchery by hand. You will learn how our farm animals are transformed from whole carcasses into a full suite of artisan retail cuts, charcuterie, cured meats, bacon, hams and sausages. You will observe first hand how these transformed products are prepared for market and sold to the consumer, and how they are integrated into a premium-class farm-to-table restaurant. You will partake in this amazing bounty on a regular basis during our daily staff lunches. You will also have the opportunity to glean from our products in order to practice your culinary skills at home. You will learn how to apply the care and skills of an artisan practitioner to all aspects of life.

Length of commitment: 3-month minimum

Stipend available.




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CONTACT US | 206.567.4628
 CONTACT US | 206.567.4628
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